Heavy duty alkaline cleaner/ degreaser. This is the main product we use on areas with a heavy grease build up. it is safe for use on grout, tile, and natural stone as long as there isn't a coat or polish on the surface that is susceptible to degreasers.

*After using a product this potent, using a sealer is a must.

This is a neutral cleaner recommended for use primarily for routine cleaning. Its neutral ph balance prevents it from removing any coats, polishes, or sealants from the surface of your grout or tile. 

Heavy duty acid substitute cleaner. We use this product as a back up to the alkaline cleaner when cleaning porcelain/ ceramic tile and grout. this product is a last resort, yet very effective. Given its nature it should not only be kept away from natural stone and metal but also should be re-sealed immediately after use.

This is one of the sealers we use frequently, it has a strong formula that guarentes prolonged protection and is waterbased, eliminating any mess or film being left behind.

SLPP Premium_2Lb.jpg

Spectralock pro premium epoxy grout is definitely the most expensive option but if you decide to go with it you wont have to worry about much. Stain resistant, water resistant, and very flexible makes it the all around best choice.

Fusion Grout.png

Fusion pro single component grout is very similar to the spectralock as far as longevity and durability goes. maxing it an excellent choice for a higher budget.